Eric Ross Wiley





Eric Wiley was born in the February of 1988 in Ft. Collins, CO and raised primarily in the suburbs of Boise, ID. In the summer of 2006 he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he attended Pratt Institute and graduated in 2010. His fondest memories are of his months spent deep within the mountains of the Payette National Forest digging trail and fighting forest fires. He wonders if mountain yogi shangri-la's actually exist—if that kind of isolated enlightenment truly holds water? Together, with friends, far-away family members, and co-workers, Eric awaits first contact with extra-terrestrials, the development of artificial intelligence, interstellar transportation, and, finally, entrance into the forthcoming virtual oblivion. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

phone: (208) 761-4102


Serving The People's Group Show, curated by Lucien Smith, Milk Gallery, January 31st—February 3rd, 2018

Eric Wiley / Jonny Negron / Maureen Gubia, curated by Michael Olivo, HARPY, July 15—August 12th, 2017

LOB DES SCHATTENS, curated by John Newsom, Marc Straus, February 3—19th, 2017

Melted City 4, curated by Jordin Isip, Blanc Gallery, January 21—February 11, 2017

Ocotillo, group show curated by Jonathan Dedecker, Tyler School of Art, Stella Elkins gallery, January 18—28, 2017

Everything Real, with Anthony Cudahy, Greg Hayes, Kayla Mattes, Azikiwe Mohammed, Heidi Norton, Haynes Riley, Ezra Tessler, and John Zane Zappas, curated by Chase Westfall and Iris Williamson, Hap Gallery, Portland, OR, October 6—November 10, 2016

Bindle 2016, curated by Sorry Archive, Orgy Park, New York, NY, July 13—July 30, 2016

Not Waving But Drowning, with Douglas Rieger, E.TAY Gallery, New York, NY, July 13—July 30, 2016

Eric Wiley, Topless, New York, NY, July 2—July 17, 2016

Show 1, group show curated by Lucas Page, Page (NYC), New York, NY, May 21—June 21, 2016

Zuckershock!, group show curated by Sorry Archive and Elena Poughia, P71, Berlin, Germany, April 28—30, 2016

Corpus, with Anthony Cudahy, and Matt Maher, Reverse Gallery, January 21, 2016

A horrendous assembly, clawing and jerking, all mashed tightly into specks that rest upon the seeing orb, eventually layering as a pearl does into kingdoms of permanent escape., with Matt Jones, Castor Gallery, May 7–May 21, 2015

Slytherin, with Emma Pryde, WANUSAY Montreal, March 22–April 10, 2015

Interphase, at the Select Fair, Miami, FL., put on by the sorry.archive, December 2014

Pure Fucking Armagedon, sorry.archive, May 2014

BYOU, Bruce High Quality Foundation, May 2014

2x2, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, November 2012

A Group Exhibition, AMO Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September 28th, 2012

The Final Frontier, 340 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY, April 21st, 2012

Slow Youth Project, AMO Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, March 30th, 2012